Monday, 30 September 2013

"Schooling in Felsham & Gedding 1818-1945"

A revised 2nd ed (2015) of this history booklet on education in Felsham and Gedding is available from the author -
£5.50 including p&p
It is also available as a downloadable pdf FREE!

The first mention of a school at Felsham was contained in a survey of education for the rural poor in 1818. This was a "dame school" where teaching and child-minding took place in the kitchen or parlour of an elderly lady called Mrs  Pilborough.

Nearly forty years later a small National School was built on Charity Land behind the church in 1854. This survived until 1899 when it was demolished. 

From 1899 a new school - the Felsham and Gedding CofE School - was built on old orchards between the Rectory and the Townhouses by the Church.  This school continued until 1945 when the children were transferred to Rattlesden School.

The 2nd edition contains a new appendix on Mary Montgomerie Anderson who was a major benefactor and supporter of the school.

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